You few, you lovely few, might be getting something more stable on the update front. (And here’s a celebratory story.)

So, yeah. The lovely addition of a creative writing class into my life is forcing me to sit down and write real stuff. It’s quite lovely. So while there won’t be any specific post schedule, as long as I remember, there should be more than an update every month. Yay! So yeah, have a story. To explain the funky format, the requirement was that each sentence began with a, then b, then c, so on. Of course I did it about mole rats battling the forces of darkness, because…I’m unique. Story! Enjoy!

                Anyone who has ever seen a naked mole rat can probably agree on one thing; they look silly as sheep-wolves.

                Be that as it may, no one would ever question the bravery of a mole rat.

                Cherish your innocence, naysayer, for you would weep for it if you ever saw the mole rat battalions ride against the darkness of the snake-hoards.

                Do you really want me to point out how idiotic you’re being?

                Entire cities would be lost if not for the mole rats!

                For the love of…will you let me tell the story?


                Hailing from long-forgotten ages, the serpent-hoards crouched within the depths of the earth, biding their time.

                It was thought that stories of ancient shadows such as these were simply myths.

                Journeyers would at times tell of terrible scaly things roaming in the silence of darkness, but those who spend their days on the empty paths have claimed mad things since humanoids began wandering this sphere.

                Knowing that such travelers’ tales were often true did not help the humanoids much in this case.

                Letting the serpent-hordes go unchecked was a very bad mistake, for when such things go unimpeded, they have the freedom to amass armies.

                Most of the humans’ warriors were not prepared, with the elves and sprites fairing little better.

                No one is sure how the tide of battle might have turned if the mole rats had not intervened, but before the assistance, things were looking truly grim for the humanoid forces.

                Out of their dim burrows the mole rats skittered, through the torn earth and rivers of death.

                Proceeding through the shadowed world, the mole rats at last reached the chasm from which the serpent-hoards crawled, to make war on the mortals, and they jumped into the fray.

                Quenching the tide of the serpent-hordes, the rats bared curving teeth and needle claws.

                Reinforcements from the humanoids finally arrived, but could do little against the shadowy creatures.

                Shadowy serpents fell before the fang and might of the rats by the dozen, but it seemed that even that great effort would not be enough to stop the endless flow.

                Things seemed to darken again, but when it seemed too dark for the world to continue, the mole rat queen climbed from the deepest of the burrows, simply widening tunnels grown too small for her, and emerged into the fight.

                Underground, the immense size of a mole rat queen is perhaps not quite so noticeable, her claws do not seem so finely honed, her teeth not nearly as sickle long and sickle sharp.

                Very few creatures find no fear within their hearts upon beholding a queen mole rat.

                What few emotions the serpent-hordes may have had, however, did not include fear; not that fear is a necessary part of defeat.

                Xeric scales and seal sleek skin parted beneath the wrath of the queen.

                You may have heard that victory even after that was hard fought, but in truth the serpents fell like wheat to the reinvigorated troops, and to the fury of the queen, and so the day was won, and so this tale is done.

                Zephyrus seems to call my feet to walk the road again, and if my storytelling was worth it to you, perhaps you could let the little ratties know of the goblins I’ve seen skulking in the shade of the mountains?


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