Another poem, as well as the realization that I should never be put in charge of something time sensitive.

So. It’s been…around two and a half months. Huh. It always amazes me how I can be so hung up on the daily breakdown of time and life and schedules, but when it comes to such things as writing, I can just not notice how long it has been, the gallivanting of life allowing me to forget things that perhaps I should view with more importance. So I do apologize, to anyone who reads this, and actually cares when I update, for the fact that time doesn’t just escape me, it kicks me in the shins and steals my keys first. I just want to give a thanks to the people who read my blog, it really brightens my day when I open my email and see that I have a like or a comment. Thanks, to everyone who devotes any of our odd, amazing existences to reading such paltry words that I put down.

And now that all of that annoying jabbering is over, you can finally have some adequate writing. Without further ado or whining, I give you No more poems. Enjoy!


No more poems

I have no more poems.

Really, I’m out.

Why don’t you believe me?

You’re making skeptical sounds.

Is there something I’m missing?

Did you find one of the old ones?

Do you think I could write more?

I honestly can’t.

I’m worn out and tired.

There are books that are calling.

Stop raising your eyebrow!

Do you see any poems?

I didn’t think so.

Stop making those sounds!

You’re nodding slowly and going ‘Uh huh.’


Seriously, I’m in a slump.

Poems don’t just appear out of thin air.

I don’t write them without thinking about it.

Who does that?

Not me!



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