This is one I did a while back. Enjoy!

A young woman,
Earning minimum wage,
To pay her way through college,
A small boy,
Eyes red,
And face tear-streaked,
For his mommy,
She takes his hand,
Leads him to the front desk,
To send out an announcement,
Over the speakers,
That will the mother,
Of the little child,
Who is blond haired,
Blue eyed,
And wearing a green shirt,
Please come to the front desk.
As she falls behind in work,
Until a red eyed woman,
Scoops her son up,
And hugs him tight,
While scolding him,
And telling him not to wander away,
That done,
She turns to thank the worker,
Who helped her son,
But the girl is gone,
But not minding it,
As she sweeps floors,
She smiles.

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