Land of Dreams.

And yet another. Dear nonexistent readers, Enjoy!

This is the world that, almost always, you forget, the world of wishes, and horrors, the world of missing thoughts, and scattered memories. This is the world of dreams.
Although, yes, dreaming is attributed to your subconscious, that’s really not it at all. It is a place, with people and lives. It is simply a lost and forgotten one. It was truly a place, once, but time wore at it, and nothing can stand forever. We refused to give in, refused to let our city crumble, the last of the mages used their power to move the planet to a land out of time, out of anything.
Of course, unplanned dimensional travel is rather hard to get right on a good day, and it was most certainly not a good day.
We got trapped in limbo, never aging, never changing, and getting the oh-so-fun added bonus of being where people dreamed.
And although, sure, you have the occasional good lovely dream sometimes, most days they are confusing or scary. So we get all the monsters under the beds that you can stand. And they’re not like the demon geese that you can just spray for, either. All those monsters and nightmares have little changes, unintentional personal touches, you might say. So you can’t just generalize them. At best you can toss them into one of the few categories to be noted down, has a solid form, has no solid form, sometimes had a solid form, and oh crap get it off of my facduvdcyiavciuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
It’s rather annoying.
I digress, this is the place that you travel when you sleep, and whatever you dream about appears here. This is pretty much the world that your brain uses for a dump.
It is difficult, but we have learned to adapt. Living up high usually helps, although those winged-bear-chupacabra-armadillos are a menace, and really make you wonder what whoever dreamed it was on. I mean seriously, where do you even get that?
People come here too sometimes, more often than not as a discard from a dream that wasn’t bad (or one that was), but occasionally from the real world, falling through the dreams.
But all the monsters and oddities aside, the most annoying things are the lucid dreamers. I don’t mean the people who manage to control what they see and do a little bit, I mean the people who can control it all. They are like really bloody annoying, inconsiderate, all-powerful gods.
It is infuriating. They don’t know that this is a world, they just think it’s their subconscious so they don’t care if the completely re-sculpt the environment and wipe out twenty-seven percent of the population because they want to fly over an ocean, not the forests. That jerk killed nine hundred, sixty nine thousand, four hundred, eighty three people.
But, we learn to live with it.
And we do wonder about where we dream.

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