Dredges No. 3

Ah, more horrid writing. Weeee.

No. 7
I sat on the edge of the Lock Ness, looking out at the still water and wondering if, or what, Nessie was. The place seemed picturesque, the lovely forested hills rising up from the lake’s dark, still waters.
I had been looking at a cloud when I saw a flash of movement from the corner of my eye, I whirled back around in time to see a large area of ripples spreading across the surface. I had never been one to believe in Nessie, whatever she was supposed to be, but I had to admit that there had been something there.
I sat still, waiting, and as my attention wandered I distracted myself from boredom by looking at ducks. I was trying to remember if green heads meant male or female when the duck I was looking at was pulled beneath the surface. It was undeniable, there was something there.
My mind started flipping through the different rational, logical, possibilities. Lake shark, crocodile, or is it alligator, never can remember how to tell them apart. Yeah, I told myself, it must be one of those things. Just a duck loving alligator.
Then Nessie stuck her head up. It was not a crocodile. Or even plesiosaur. It had the somewhat same, shaped head, but the neck was thicker, more like a sea serpent’s that a swan’s. The head was beautiful, silted nostrils and blue skin, a little darker that the lake its self. Its hide looked more like those of a shark or porpoise that that of a dragon or snake.
Its head turned towards me. And although I was a bit terrified I was also mystified by its eyes, they were pure green, as green as the pines coating the hills surrounding this place. And if I didn’t know any better they sparkled with something akin to intelligence.
I will never be sure if it was moving towards me because I looked tasty, or because I was interesting. Or both. She, and I am calling it a she because, she just seemed like it, moved into the shallows. And I saw that she looked like a sea serpent with two odd lumps along her back. When she got to where she could no longer swim I saw what those lumps were, wings.
She unfurled them to pull herself forward. They looked somewhat a bat’s, with the thumb claw. To avoid becoming a snack I dug my lunch out of my bag, hoping that the sea dragon liked sandwiches. I tossed it towards her, and she ate it with relish. She looked at me one last time, then spread her wings, coiled the good twenty feet of her body under her so she stood around seven feet tall, and started flapping her wings quickly enough that I felt a faint breeze.
Her wings somehow managed to propel her upward, and she flew along the sky, like a child’s kite, tale stretching out behind her. Not once had I even considered taking out my camera, and I am glad that I didn’t. Even if a picture had been decided to be true by scientists, I would not want to endanger her. So many people would start searching again, and if found she would have inadvertently be tested on.
As well as the fact that it seemed like a creature like her could never be happy in a cage.
I gathered up my things and walked back to my car. I no longer had to stare across the depthless waters, I had seen the beauty, and the secret that hid beneath the surface and had no need to wonder anymore. I would also not be so quick to dismiss wild claims of magical creatures.


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